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IADS : International Association of Dental Students

The « International Association of Dental Students » (IADS), was founded in 1951 in Copenhagen in order to serve the needs of dental students around the world.

IADS represents interests of more than 200 000 students from around 60 different countries.

Its headquarters is located in Geneva, together with World Dental Federation (FDI).

Traditionally, IADS organizes 2 congresses per year.

  • –  One, the Annual Congress, takes place in the end of summer : it hosts general assembly and elections for international office.

  • –  Second, the Mid-Year Meeting, occurs in the beggining of spring which aims to evaluate and optimise the work of IADS.

    The objective of these congresses is to gather the international representatives from member associations of IADS, partners of IADS and interested students who hope to contribute, learn and exchange the experience among each other.

  • In 2019, after 25 years of abscence, IADS congress will again take place in France.

    65th IADS Mid-Year Meeting will be unique opportunity to welcome the students from all over the globe and respectively the national representatives from each country. As French expression says it « la crème de la crème » which translates to « the best of the best » !

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